Diary of Dan

Tuesday, November 30, 2004


My dear darling Arthur Hailey died on 25th Nov 2004. He, who was an excellent author, creator of many damn good novels. I shall miss him so much, or maybe not, I wasn't meeting him everyday to miss him now, and of course his books are with me. But yes, now he's not on this Earth anymore. Wish he'd written a few more novels before quitting, I could have done with more.
My fav ones are Airport, Detective, Hotel. And I didn't like The MOneychangers and Overload (a bit of it).
But yes, it does feel sad to know that someone you love, has died. He was 84, and died in his sleep, peacefully I guess.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The power of friendship?

Don't be dismayed at saying goodbye, friends are bound to meet again!
- Richard Bach.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

. . .

People, I am feeling verrrrry sick. So much that I woke up yesterday night at around 5 am, feeling really cold. Needed a sweater desperately. But couldn't get up and get it. Been feeling feverish today afternoon again, now a bit better. But of course, I'm well enough to be wandering thru' the blog world. Been reading many good blogs for the past few days. Guess what, I've found out Indian blogs are really good, contentwise.

A Romance of Youth

This is a 19th century French novel written by Francois Coppee. I read its english translated ebook (I have this habit of downloading some ebooks every few months, and then not reading them. So I decided to try reading this. The other one I left unfinished, is Mein Kampf.) a few days back (during diwali whenever I wasn't out shopping). Then it became so boring I couldn't finish it. But still, some sentences in it were good enough to be reproduced here:

"It seems to me that in order to feel really unhappy I must have nobody to love - that is the only privation worth the trouble of noticing."

"One must never complain so long as one is fortunate enough to keep those one loves.And when you have gloomy thoughts, come and see your old friends. They will try to warm your heart at the fireside of their friendship, and to give you some of their courage, the courage of poor people which is composed of a little indifference and a little resignation."

"Conscience, my poor friend, is like a Suede glove, you can wear it

"Two sauces that always make the poorest meal palatable - hope and happiness."


I wish all my readers (as if there were many) a belated happy Deepavali, and, a belated HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY! We may not be children any more, but I can say this for myself, I am and shall always be a child at heart. Let us never forget and outgrow the innocence, curiosity and eagerness of childhood and not let the child within us wither away! Let us never forget to laugh, have fun and be merry. Let us celebrate this great gift given to us - life!


Hey people, I'm writing a story, like I've started it, but it's going to be a long time before I finish it. It's about 2 friends in school, and ... Right now, I'll just tell you its title:
Ok, so keep guessing, and tell me to study for my coming exams. :D

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Yes, I am a dog-lover! Thanks to Enid Blyton, my love for dogs dates back to 4th std. But the twist in the story: my mother hates them. So I cannot have a real dog as a pet. So my simple solution: I switched over to stuffed toys - or let's say, stuffed dogs!
I had one cute little white one, with nice ears and tail. But he became dirty in a year or so, so I got a new one, this time a bigger one. And would you believe it, he was huge and red! I used to adore him a lot! He had wonderful hanging ears, a verrrry long tail, two legs were long, two were very short! He was a bit out of shape, but the expression on his face was too cute! And one fine day, his head simply came off! I had it sewn back! And after some years, I don't know how, but my mother talked me into throwing him away! I miss him so much now! Next I had many other stuffed toys - a kitten, a proper teddy bear, a pig. But my current favourite is: Dolby.
Dolby's a duck, he looks like a lost, dumb duck. But he's very sweet. He has had a string of names: Bodo, Dobbie Dobsky, and now - Dolby. (You must have heard of Ray Dolby (AVE!!!)) He is my companion in many a lonely hours. And he has 3 dressses - one I've stitched myself! I am an amateur fashion designer too, so I designed this one specially for him, complete with frills and pleats and matching blue buttons! He looks stunning in it! Well, if you have pets and need designer clothes for them, now you know whom to contact!
So now after dogs, I am into ducks!


Teacher: Is it ok to have lunch and then exercise?
The usual answer: No, one shouldn't exercise after having lunch.
Baby Dan's answer: No, one shouldn't exercise after having lunch. Instead, one can exercise, and then have lunch! Exercise will make you hungry, and you'll be able to eat more!
Teacher: Did you think of this yourself?
Baby Dan: Yes teacher!
Teacher (to herself): Wow, how clever!