Diary of Dan

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Something I can't wait to buy!

Have you ever been possessed by an immensely urgent idea of buying a book?
I, for one, have never been! At least not in my immediate past! What with the cost of books just going uphill, and the physical space and weight having hard copies means, in recent times (meaning, since the times I am not staying at the place where my beloved Kitabnagari library is housed, which also means any new books bought would have to be carried to their rightful place - and books are h-e-a-v-y !) I haven't much entertained going to a bookstore to 'buy' books. Coming to think of it, I do admit I bought 4 books in the past 1 year - one an already-read Tottochan, to read on the plane on my way to Tokyo (from the delightfully named KinoKuniya), one something about Mr. Lee Kuan Yew (to gift my mom), one Professor (it seemed a promising classic and indeed more than met my expectations) and one Ben-hur (that turned out to be stone age classic and as a result I have barely touched it!)............. So, of these 4, the last 3 were more a shopping impulse, than a desire to buy those books.... Apart from these, a couple of months back I went into a newly opened book shop to buy some kind of English Idioms book, something I had found in the library and liked... and, was out of stock! So I either don't seem to want to 'buy' books much, or if I want to, it is something that's out of stock, or if I do buy it, it is impulsively bought! So the whole surprise element is that, with such a history, I want to buy 2 books now - no, let's make that 3 because I'm reminded of my less urgent desire of buying another book I read from the library - so at least 2 books that I want to buy pronto!
What makes it more interesting is that these 2 books are by an American. Given my literary and reading history that mainly involves the English, this is new. To add to this fact, the 3rd less urgent book to be bought is also by an American. The US is catching on!
So tomorrow, because right now it is past 11pm already and I don't order books online (or much else for that matter), and also because I couldn't find these 2 books as free ebooks, I will check in the bookstore on my way to office, praying that these books be in stock, and hopefully step out with the said books in hand!
Meanwhile I shall be satisfied with reading 'previews' online!