Diary of Dan

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Evil Santa

This is the story of how Santa came to be called Evil Santa~~~

Once upon a time, Santa Claus had a girlfriend. She was a sweet little young girl called Emily. She used to stay in Finland, I think. At least at the time of the story. Let me start with how all this happened.

Christmas used to come every year and Santa would visit her as well and place some gift by her bedside. One fine Christmas he saw her note by her pillow -

Dear Santa,
Thank you for being so kind to me every year! This year I'm going to ask for more kindness! Sasha says if I ask you very kindly, you will not say no. I want a boyfriend. Please give me a boyfriend this year Santa!
Thank you!
- Emily.

Santa smiled and woke her up. 'Emily, have you written this note dear?'

'Of course Santa! Hey Santa, how did you come in? This window is so tiny! Did you lift the roof and get in? I want a boyfriend who can lift rooves ok?'
'Ha ha ha :) Emily my child, it'll take me time to find you a boyfriend! I might find one tomorrow or day after or even next year!'
'No no no! I want now now now!!!!'
Santa thought for a while and said - 'Ok! I have an idea! I'll be your boyfriend till someone comes along! Will that do?'

Emily was delighted! Her boyfriend apart from being wise and fat and giving plenty of gifts to all, came up with bright ideas in the middle of the night!

So the Emily-Santa saga continued for some years... All was well with the world.

Emily was growing up, enjoying life. She was good at studies. She excelled in her academic subjects plus she learnt new things thanks to Santa. Like how to get inside houses without breaking window panes. How to give the right gift. How to play with reindeer! How to be good to red-nosed people. How to push herself to her extremes and do things she wanted to do even if she couldn't. How to 'manage' everything.. the 'balancing' that middle-aged women talk about. Etc and etc... Above all - she learnt to 'love'. At times she wasn't very tolerant. But now, because she cud tolerate Santa, she began tolerating everyone else. By and by she grew up into a very good girl.

Then one fine day, Santa said, 'Emily, I'm growing old..! You are such a beautiful young woman now. I don't look good with you as your boyfriend. I look ur grandfather! It's high time I got you a proper boyfriend.'

So one fine Christmas Santa stepped down as Emily's boyfriend. Without asking her if it was ok. He went home. Rudolph called out - 'Evil Santa'! Santa was shocked. Till now he had called him and Emily 'Emil Santa'. Was he really evil?

He need not know. 'Coz it does not matter.