Diary of Dan

Monday, March 19, 2007

New year, new beginnings, new hopes...

Khup khup shubheccha wadhdivsachya ani padwyachya! Anpooooooooooo! :-)

New year, new beginnings, new hopes...
New smiles, new promises..
New hands held, new lives touched,
New thoughts, new ideas,
New images remembered
New moments treasured
New memories that'll surface...
New happiness, new sorrow..
New betrayals, new trials..
What the heck!
Everything, everybody's gonna be new!
Can't wait to experience it all!


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Naam hi kaafi hai!

Wish you the happiest birthday Shetts!

Wish we could all have been together for your birthday! Like last year!

Wish you all happiness and wonders in life! And may you keep strumming interesting tunes in life! Love you!

The Emotional Healthy Wow Quartet....

Chaand si mehboobaa ho meri,
Aisaa maine sochaa thaa,
Haan, tum bilkul waisi ho,
Jaisaa maine sochaa thaa...
Seven days have passed and these 7 days will become a lifetime before we realise, as one of us said... yet it feels like just yesterday, just now... that we gained emotional health... got angry with each other.. got our names engraved on shells... sang songs together.. and didn't sing at all... 4 to 3, 3 to 2, 2 to 1... but we are with each other... and will always be, if we choose to be... Love you all..... And WOW.. we are just WOW!
Maine tere liye hi saat rang ke sapne chune,
surile sapne...!