Diary of Dan

Tuesday, August 31, 2004


keywords: telekiss, transmitter, receiver, imagination

The telekiss is a new kind of kiss I've invented. Basically it means a long distance kiss. It's a kiss you can give absolutely anybody, but hey, that anybody will need to have some imaginative powers. (if that's the word I want) Coz the transmitter and receiver of this telekiss cannot see each other. This makes it unlike the flying kiss (the kiss babies are taught to give), where the baby can see you and you can see the baby. One cannot detect that a telekiss has taken place, except the transmitter who of course originates it, and sometimes the receiver can detect it if there exists telepathy between the transmitter and receiver, or if the receiver has specifically told the transmitter to give him/her a telekiss; because the telekiss cannot be seen, heard or felt. It can only be imagined. And do not confuse the telekiss with the telephonic kiss either. The telekiss does not involve any electrical or electronic gadget. It is purely for fun, and for stretching one's imagination. One must not let one's imagination rust.

And if you ask me why is imagination so important, (that you have to invent new kisses for it), I'll let Walt Disney answer for me: If you can imagine it, you can do it.

So start telekissing!


Here's a conversation that took place between me and my friend:
Frnd: I got a raise in my pay.
Dan: Wow! Now I need 2 treats - one for your earlier pay, and a bigger one for your current one.
Frnd: Any time! After you treat me!
Dan: I'm not able to hear you!
Dan again: And I need another treat for . . .
Frnd: I'm not able to hear you!
Dan: You don't have originality!!!
Frnd: Hmm, but I have timing!!!
. . . ha ha from both parties.

So the moral to be learnt is: If you don't have originality, the least you could have is - timing!
Anyways, with whatever you have, either originality or timing, if you can make the other person laugh, there's nothing like it.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Here comes Dan

Hey everybody out there!

Hi to you all, and sit straight! Pay attention! Coz Dan has arrived! Dan, the latest player in this sport called Blogging. Dan has come to entertain you, and yes, to entertain herself. Wipe away your tears, Dan's gonna make you laugh.

Here's to enjoying, smiling, laughing and happy reading! CHEERS!