Diary of Dan

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wise guys

Some of the guys,
are reallly wise!
They are under cover,
or in disguise.
But they can wonderfully advise!

This one's for Katre... another dokebaaz sounding board!!!!!!!!!! :)
Cheers mate! :)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It was a nice day today...

I woke up feeling better after a night of undisturbed sleep... Got ready and managed to reach the bus stop in time... Met my friend who's shifted to ph2... spoke to her, and along came my teddy bear... :) (A friend...)
Got into my bus, sat at a window seat... the last seat. Was feeling good. There weren't any ppl standing... That's why. Had the window open and the wind blowing in my face felt good :) And then when we reached the highway, as if on cue, it started raining! Drizzling, rather... And it felt realllly nice! I called up a friend, mssged two friends, they mssgd back! :) Everything looked nice in the rain, the Pashan lake too :) And we could look out the rear window and could feel the highway calling out to us... Look, I'm so loooong! :)
Then we reached office, met another friend, had breakfast. I started work... Woke up a colleague in the US, discussed things. Tested and tested. A very dear friend called up after so many days, spoke to her at length and felt realllly nice again! Lunch with 4 other friends. They troubled n teased me and pulled my leg. Work again... 1 call. 1 training session. Kathak called up, saying she n Smitha were meeting, if I could also go. Couldn't. Another call, the US colleague had come to office. More defects. More calls. Had a quick dinner with some more friends in the foodcourt till 9.15.
Got a nice window seat again in the bus. :) Teddy bear and his jokes n pj's to give me company again. He was speaking in gavthi marathi :) Really funny. Reached my stop. Got down. Had nice Durga ki cold coffee. Came home. Called up an old friend... :) Called up another friend. Discussed his 17th Dec plans :) Called up another friend who was apparently busy. Wanted to tell him how nice I was feeling :) Blog-hopped a bit. Typed this. The old friend called up again, told him how nice I was feeling :)
Just wanted to say... I'm missing my mother... she'll be back in some more days... (Missing my mother!) Yet simple things in life can make you happy. If you get up and decide, I'm going to be happy :) This is sure to sound grannish, but, things that otherwise make us feel bad and hurt, become incapable of doing so when we've resolved to feel nice!

The rain, the road,
Can make me forget
My pain, my load...
My friends, my dears,
Can wipe away all my tears.
Even if such friends,
are not as such mine,
They can exist in my mind.
It's all just the way I percieve,
How much I let myself receive.
I can make myself happy
and stop being snappy.
I can make my smile shine,
and others' faces I can illumine.!

It was a nice day today because I had decided it was going to be a nice day today.... :) And I love nice days...... :)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mr. Bean's B'day!

Hurrrray.!!!! It's Abi's birthday.! Wish you all the best for ever Beansie Momsie.! Keep barsaoing through all the golden rays of the sun, all the dewy dewy fat raindrops, be with all, as leaves floating down from the sky, gently reaching the soft ground, and keep inspiring everyone and egging them on to be better than the best.... Let you rain and reign as the Goodness, the Perfection, the Possibilities.! The Truth.! :-)

Monday, November 27, 2006


Sorry bol, sorry bol!! Sorry bol raha hai.... :) :) :)

Was a rabbit ever named a 'peacock'? :P

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Shubham everybody! :)

Thx Arun!

Saturday, November 25, 2006


I shall now go in search of food, necessary for survival...

And leave you lovely folks to doing whatever interests you...

Tschüss! And bon apetit!

17, anyone?

Those were the days
when I'd call the rose, a rose,
I'd see roses everywhere,
And smell them 'neath my nose...

Now've come the days when
the rose is just another flower
I'm past three-and-twenty,
Seventeen long lost its power....!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Suron ki barsaat

Sunn meri baat
is barsaat ki raat
yeh surr aye hain yahan
ek - do nahin, poore saat

uff zaraa chupp ho jaana
khule rakhiye kaan
apne dil mein inhe basaa lenaa
yaad rakhnaa inkaa gaan

jab ho jaaogi goongi
inhe karna istemaal
abhi shaayad vishwaas na ho
tab dekhnaa inkaa kamaal

tab inke zariye
kehnaa apni dil ki baat
aur laana har raat mein
taaron ki barsaat

Monday, November 13, 2006


I saw the angel in the marble, and carved to set him free....

Read this in the newspaper... :)
Aren't we all angels to be set free? Of course we are! Come, let's manifest our divinity...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Kathak!

Kathsie! My Jappy Kid! My blog-guru! My dearest friend! May you laugh more than ever! May you be showered with love more than ever!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Koi paheli nahin...

Aurat ke dil mein joh preet hain, woh hoon main...
Prem hoon main...

Literally translated: "I am the Love in a woman's heart.. I am Love..."

For those who think Paheli's only about a ghost: This 'Love in a woman's heart' needs to take the form of a man... It cannot (!) be a real man... :P So it's shown as a ghost?!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Confessions, Realisations...

1. My blog is for my readers too, not only for myself. But I care about my readers only so much as to not translate things for them if I think those things are better written in some particular language.
2. Even when I know I cannot get comments for something I've posted, I keep expecting them.
3. It's generally mostly about myself, mine. (In this sequence?!)
4. I get what I give. And so does everyone else.
5. I can be happy if I want to be happy. A certain someone / anyone cannot make me happy. I don't really know about making others happy. I may accelerate that process, though.
6. I am nobody great. But I am worth knowing.
7. Utterance aids commitment, towards anything. Sometimes...