Diary of Dan

Thursday, February 22, 2007


We were meeting each other after a whole year!

Not that we were completely out of touch.. Of course - those not so infrequent phone calls, mails, msgs... chats.... throughout the year... when she would ask me how I was doing... And I would reply... Everything's fine! And when I asked her the same, she would say everything was never better... :) Our little sorrows and lumps in our throats we would just hide behind 'I-miss-you's... And try to explain our tears with that... to each other...

I wasn't oblivious to what she'd gone thru'.. No idea whether she knew more than what I told her.. Yet we maintained that I'm-fine-but-I-miss-you... Let the silence continue.. Hadn't someone said something about it being golden?

And now.. We were meeting each other after a whole year! I was wondering how it was going to be... The door opened and there she stood..!

She stepped forward with her arms outstretched.. And when a tear appeared at the corner of her eye, I said, "Hey! You'd promised we would enjoy each others' company.. after so many days.. and not think of anything else! Why are you crying now!"

She said, "Silly Danny! These are tears of joy!"

Tears of joy..!? Rather, unshed tears that push their way out on seeing your beloved friend..., that seek to be wiped with her loving fingers.. unquestioningly... "Let me cry a little, and then I'll be fine..." - we both said to ourselves...

not aloud... :)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Na jhukne doongi...!

yeh housla kaise jhuke
yeh arzoo kaise ruke
manzil mushkil toh kya
dhundla sahil toh kya
tanha yeh dil toh kya ho

rah pe kaatein bikhare agar
uspar toh phir bhi chalna hi hai
shyam chhupa le sooraj magar
raat ko ik din dhalna hi hai
rut yeh tal jayegi
himmat rang layegi
subah phir ayegi ho.....
hogi humein joh rehmat ada
dhoop kategi saaye tale
apni khuda se hai yeh dua
manzil lagale humko gale
jurrat sou baar rahe
uncha ikrar rahe
zinda har pyaar rahe ho.....

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cud I get closer to Paradise?

Listening to amazing songs.... :) For as much time as I want to! (Well not really... :P ) And telling something to someone what I have wanted to from more than a year... something unpleasant... but having told it finally...! Could I get closer to being in Paradise?

Anyways... I could get closer to being in Paradise! By creating Paradise right here! Where I already am :)

Ok on another note, a lot of my friends are now blogging and really wonderfully :) Plz visit Arun's and Kaustubh's blogs... I'm sure you'll keep visiting hereafter.. :)

This is how good things spread... from one friends circle to another! And to another....!

Thanks a lot Kathsie dear! :)

Friday, February 09, 2007

Blog-nagging Mohan... Tum jaago Mohan pyaare...

Sometimes my blog-nagging has a good effect!!!!!!!! And I am so damn pleased!!!!!!!!! :)

First a wonderful poem, and then the post dedication! Thanks for making my day Shetts! :)

There may or may not be such wonderful ppl in this world... like the one in your poem, but thanks for letting one believe that there are... I guess that's what all nice poets do... create some moments of happiness for their readers... and those moments of H. in turn give rise to a lot of better things :)

Thank you so very much!!!!!!

And I hope to jagao myself too! :)

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Aaye ho?

Aaye ho meri zindagi mein
tum bahaar banke,
Mere dil mein yun hi rehna
tum pyaar pyaar banke ...

Aankhon mein tum base ho
sapne hazaar banke,
Mere dil mein yun hi rehna
tum pyaar pyaar banke ....

mere saathi mere saajan
mere saath yun hi chalna
badalegaa rang zamaanaa
par tum nahin badalnaa

Friday, February 02, 2007

An Announcement :)

oye... me still alive... :P