Diary of Dan

Saturday, December 03, 2005


There are some things that just sleep-deprived young people with minds brimming with frothy imagination, can do! I could list a hundred thousand, but as you have guessed, as I know them, I am one amongst those that are the cause of these hundred thousand things, and hence, I don't have much time before I doze off! And typing a long word stream definitely isn't among those hundred thousand things I dream of doing, as you have again guessed right, because the chief reason of sleep deprivation is: parking yourself in front of the damn terminal (dedicated or otherwise), dedicatedly or otherwise, and letting your fingers do the dance... However much I enjoy looking at the characters I have input to the keyboard appear in 'black and white' on the screen, it's not my ultimate dream to keep doing it perpetually. Hence, hence..... whence did this line of thought originate..........?

Yeah, I was supposed to tell you about the fun (again, depends on your definition of fun!) we people have, or, can have, if you do not let this sleep-deprivation-demon finish you off! Once you are sleep-deprived, you get used to it and you cannot sleep early (12 am is definitely early for you!) and you need to do something to pass those hours... Here are just some ideas.........

* You could lie down on the lawn besides the swimming pool, gazing at the pretty stars, and then maybe fall asleep.

* You could call up your 'sleeping' friends and play pranks on them, ranging from saying that you are the housekeeper calling, checking if the phone is working, or the security calling to see if you are in your room, to revealing your identity (that arises if you are capable of concealing it!) and telling your friend you just wanted to check if it was his b'day (at 3 am!!!) and if he was eating a b'day cake!

* You could have a complex discussion on the sleep process thingie in Unix and wonder if any of the processes could have insomnia.

* You can roam the streets and observe the delightfully different other forms of life also roaming the streets. These could include crabs, 4 inch long cockroaches, enormous green grasshoppers, black obstinate insects and dull coloured moths!

* You could lie down on the amphitheatre floor face down, and feel the cold floor and look at the world thru' ur curls.....

* You could study the working habits of the housekeeping staff that start their work at 1 am to clean your labs. You can record you findings that they are considerably consistent in their working habits, not surprising, given that they have to follow certain hard-coded procedures.

* You could start making a list of nooks and corners in and around the campus, that need to be swept / brushed / sprayed with water / vacuum-cleaned, but then you won't be able to complete this activity, as you won't be able to list down even 1 item.

* You could experience the intoxicating smell of the champak flowers.

* You could write an essay, and write it using the procedural concept: group your thoughts into procedures (!) and declare each one, #include all the references and write the 'int main' and then define each procedure as and when you feel like it.

* You could sign on fellow SD's (the Sleep Deprived...) hands, and tell them how lucky they are...

* Some sane things are: play a musical instrument, sing favourite film songs, listen to the frogs' croaking. You could give a lunatic touch to these activities: Convert the mouse (the one that can be clicked) into a musical instrument, write lyrics for the film that one day, you are going to write / direct / produce / act in, explain to others that one of the frogs was telling his friends that he has fallen in love with one of the trainees (female).

Finally, either from being physically exhausted by participating in one of the 100000 activities, or getting plain bored, you could trudge back to your room, tiptoe in, you do not want to wake up your blissfully sleeping roomie, and then sink into bed, and dream of another 100000 things you could have done if you hadn't slept right now.