Diary of Dan

Sunday, December 19, 2004


Hi people! I'm back.... Exams are finally over and now we have holidays for only 13 days..... but I guess that should be enough for us. I'll be watching movies, reading J.A. and R.C., and I.A. and Ravindranath. And blogging, eating, and of course, working on our dear old antennas.... And perhaps shall paint, I mean actual painting - with colours and brushes - but I'll have to buy colours for that, coz my mother threw away my earlier ones when they became hard as stone and I refused to part with them myself! Now let me see, when was the last time I held a brush in my hand - I think in 8th std. So now it's been a good 7.5 yrs!!!! That's a pretty long time. For the past 4 yrs, I have been using Paintbrush, but now surprisingly I feel like going back to watercolours and pencil sketching!

Ok, now you must be like what has the title got to do with this post! Well, it's about this poem I wrote a few days back -- It's something like the Sun speaking to Human Beings:

Do not waste a single minute,
A single breath,
Look at me, how I keep myself busy
Burning and burning and burning,
Until I burn to death.
Your life is precious,
Treat it just so,
Look at me, how I'm high up in the sky,
Let your aims too be high
Never aim for anything low.
Dare to be different,
Don 't be afraid of loneliness,
Look at me, how I'm here all alone,
Burning, to light up others' lives,
What really matters is their happiness.
One day you are sure to die,
So right now, don't waste your time,
Look at me, how I use my energy for others.
Use your skills for doing something worthwhile,
Not using your talents, is surely a crime.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Or the dish antenna, in simpler terms...
You could keep it horizontal on the ground, fill it with soil, and plant flowers in it! And then after some days, stand back and enjoy the flowers growing in your antenna!!!
... I actually read this in an IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society Proceedings issue. It also had a photo of the same!

P.S.: I'm doing a project on Microstrip Antennas........

Sunday, December 05, 2004

WAKE ME UP AT 8.00 AM. . .

Many times I leave a note for my mother, which tells her at what time to wake me up. Yesterday, I thought, let me write her a different kind of note - a poetic one. So I wrote her this, at 2.30 am (after studying Computer Architecture):

Before you come to wake me up, WAIT!
Owing to my sleeping late,
Plz wake me up at eight!
And while you are waking me up,
I hope to give you least trouble,
and I promise, not to grumble. . .
This is the best that I can think of,
When my eyes have begun to close,
But I thought it'd be better,
to start your day with a poem,
rather than the usual prose!

And she liked it!