Diary of Dan

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Aunt Dan inspires? ;)

I became an aunt May 1 when my husband's cousin had a baby boy! He (baby boy!) is such a darling, I visited him when he was just 5 hours old! :-) This 'exaggerated' poem followed in my babies-are-so-cute state of mind. My dear readers of child-bearing age, plz let me know if its intention of inspiring you to make babies was fulfilled ;-))

Why are you ignoring me
and my baby urges?
Why are you rejecting
my motherhood surges?

Why do you shy away
from making a baby?
Making it is so much fun,
don't you agree?

I want your virile sperm
and my eggs connecting,
I always want my womb

in full bloom, expecting!

I want a big baby brood,
five bunnies, five kittens,
I want to knit them woollens,
little mufflers n mittens!

I want to wipe their drool
and bathe them clean,
I want to nurse them full,
grant me this scene!

Every tiny pair of eyes
would resemble you honey,
their cuteness would give you
a run for your money

And at the end of the day
when you'd sweetly kiss them,
it would inspire me to have
yet another baby, ahem