Diary of Dan

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today's account.. huh :(

I'm feeling totally stupid.. It's kinda awakening - how some mins earlier in the aerobics room can mean so much..

By the way I enjoyed Wardsalso today Kau :)

And yes an interesting lunch as well today - met my best colleague ever! :)

In fact it wasn't a bad day.. very nice to be frank.. and hoping it ends fine too..!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Revival of the Diary

Funny, how you read somebody else's posts and are encouraged to write again... I like this.. All of us constantly egging us on.. encouraging us to perform better n better.. :) Anyways..
So, I've decided to revive my blog that I'd left to fend for itself for the past whole year almost.. save some random meaningless posts.. It just means I shall post regularly.. the meaningless posts will continue :D
Monday morning - at work - and as usual the boys are yet to come. I spent the weekend doing the usual stuff. Friday evening at the opthalmologist's, Saturday morning I collected passes to the European Film Festival that I hope I'll be able to attend (let's see!), Sat afternoon YKW, and what did I do in the evening? Oh yes, we visited some family frnds.. Sunday was Idli Day.. post lunch TV and then YKW and then some shopping with Mutti in the evening! :) So after this not-so-interesting account of my weekend I'm at my desk awaiting my frnds, so that we can go and break our fast.
My work today doesn't seem to be what we had planned. As in, the 'development' work hasn't yet completed, so I can't start my 'testing'. So I'll complete my other pending QI tasks (how exciting :D ) and catch up on news, blogs, frnds alongside. I agree my plan for today is quite obfuscated and may not prove too fruitful. But the plan shall be constantly revised and optimised, so don't you worry.
Ok, I got my first support-kinda-task for the day - about some 'process' that we have implemented! Well.. support sucks when you need to involve other ppl and need to wait for them to come..
Anyways.. So 2 of the boys have reported.. and the 3rd one is awaited. The 4th one is on leave and will report only tomorrow! So breakfast is still some minutes away.... So what do I do till then.. let me see if I can find that coffee thingie of mine.. and post it here.
(. . . . . . . . . .)
(Found it!)
Had written it some days back in a moment of utter work-frustration-desolation...

Am sipping hot coffee,
deliberately, slowly,
gaining strength with every sip..
to beat my blues,
my blue dress not helping at all :)
Coffee, my dear,
give me the strength to face the world -
the stark world sans freely speaking friends!
My world where there's hardly a short term goal,
my world where I'm keeping my long term goals
really a long time from now.
My world where no 'execution' is going on,

my world that is full of meaningless mails
from some friends I've never seen,
my world where I've already bored my close friends to death.
Coffee, dear, help me swallow
my bitter feelings and my bitter words,
help me look at the world with fresh eyes
and notice interesting details
that I've been too self-absorbed to notice.
Coffee, dear, fill me with the milk of human kindness,

and colour me with the colour of activity and alertness..!

Ok here ends another post done for the sake of it. Some nice ideas remain on notepad for future posts - will be posting them soon. You've heard this often enough to believe me :D So don't believe me right now, just read them whenever they are up! I shall finally click on 'Publish Post'!