Diary of Dan

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Khokhle ladke!

Guys succeed in giving one the feeling that they are a total waste. They'd do anything to get the attention of girls, especially single unattached girls. Whether they themselves are attached or not, notwithstanding. And once they've 'caught' the girl, they'll rely on her to do things. So many common knowledge things that guys are supposed to know, because they are guys and 'apparently know how the world works', they don't really know! Stemming from this ignorance is the onus they put on girls to do things, things that are not only the girls'. Yet the guys want to be titled 'men of the house'! Ever heard of the word 'hollow'? :
Guys are not only a 'waste', they are the despair of women.. I wouldn't be surprised if they feel they are their own despair…!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Pretence - will it help or strangle me?

Sometimes things seem totally beyond me... I am utterly clueless which direction things are headed in... Some things appear nice and pure and good... And then the ugly little black heads of some other things surface and bring such a bitter taste to my mouth, that the pure things lose their potency.. And then I goad myself into believing that it is all my imagination, and actually everything is really nice... And then I'm told, with the good, comes the bad...

But the bad is so bad that one becomes speechless! Some people have let such bad things be around for so long that people have grown immune to them, and cannot sense the badness anymore... I'm left alone to express that these some things are bad... It is then that I feel lost and defeated... that I'm going along and putting up with such badness... just because I'm the only person to say it. If I were stronger I'd have said,

"To hell with you!"

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Not satisfied, eh?

Have You not had enough,
that this time too..?
Have You not had your fill?

Every time I inch closer to You
Why do you have to show me
That you don't exist?!

Why not let me
bask in the pretence
Why so much truth?

Don't You realise, over time,
waters ebb,
or is a drought, Your intention?