Diary of Dan

Thursday, June 30, 2005


Hi all!

I'm in no mood to write, right now. But since more than one of my readers have been asking me to post something........

Finished my exams - practs, theory, project viva and all... so practically I have nothing to do, so you have the right to demand new posts from me........ but hey, to be really frank, I do not feel like posting anything......... (I think I'm saying the same thing again and again, forgive me plz!)

Ok, I'll tell you what I did since the 28th... 28th evening, went out with my engg. college frnds - Kathak, Ruc, Saturday, Bi, Lover, Annie, to Khadakwasla. (7 beauties in red..... ok, ok, make that 6.) For the uninitiated, Khadakwasla is a dam in Pune, near the Sinhagad. It's a wonderful place to be, esp. in the rainy season. You have this quite a big reservoir, the Institute of Armament Technology on one side, the National Defence Academy on another, Peacock Bay on one side, and a winding road with the hills and the lake on its two sides. The water level becomes considerable in the rains, and on the road to NDA from Khadakwasla, there's this small bridge and you get to witness a wonderful sight - water flowing from beneath the bridge over the rocks - if the gates are open, that is. It's green all around, and you get to see Pune at its best - mountains literally on all sides. (what else is there in Pune good enough to be seen?)

Ok, so we ate corn cob, got drenched in the rains, my frnds stood in knee-deep water and had fun (made me do that too!!!!!) and then we were all feeling damn cold, so we hopped back into the cars and returned to the city, for some hot soup etc (thanks to Kathak's car's heater, we didn't want to get out of the car!) Anyways, after some discussion as to where we should go, we finally had dinner at Horn OK Please, (you remember the shorbaa, K!) and K dropped us home. And yes! Danny baby got her first red heart-shaped balloon, thanks to Kathsie!

Ok, so that's how I celebrated the end of 8 long semesters........ whatever!

Sunday, June 12, 2005


"Pak Pak Pakaak" is one swell movie that I think everyone must see - especially those who can understand Marathi. It's written - directed by Gautam Jogalekar, cast - Saksham Kulkarni, Nana (NANA!!!!) Patekar and Narayani Shastri. I liked absolutely everything about that movie! The plot is amazing, the music and songs wonderful, the suspense is maintained well, and the acting is superb! For those who think there aren't good Marathi movies - I'd say they mustn't have seen Pak Pak Pakaak! Not only the kids, no one should miss this entertaining movie with the right mix of "sandesh", reality and slight masala! (and suspense.)
For those who wanna know what it's about, I'll just say, it's about a naughty boy and a ghost (!) and a village and friendship and appreciation. And it's about love and compassion, and not losing your mental balance, and believing that "Life is beautiful" (Jeevan sundar aahe), becoz --- life is really beautiful, and everything turns out to be fine!

If Pu. La. would have been alive, he would have simply loved this movie!


These are a few things I learnt from Parineeta - a film by Pradeep Sarkar, based on Saratchandra's novel by the same name:

  1. Indian heroes have always been spineless, weak-charactered men who ask others - Ab mein kya karoon? (what should I do?) They do absolutely everything on others' commands.

  2. The new Indian mantra is - SHEKHAR, TOD DE! (Break it Shekhar!)
  3. If you want to reach your wife, you break the wall that separates your house from hers, with a marble fountain. First you try demolishing the wall with all kinds of bars and steel rods and spades and what not, and finally you succeed with a marble fountain. You hit and hit and hit with all your might, and then brick by brick the wall gets demolished, and you create a nice big hole in it. And your wife (!) is standing on the other side, you just step forward and take her home through the hole in the wall! As simple as that! (Guess it was supposed to be symbolic - breaking walls.)
  4. And you quench your anger by hitting your wife as many times as you want! (This is the only thing the hero can do, without being told.) She's always gonna forgive you!
Anyways, I liked the film, has a very nice look, the actress Vidya Balan looks beautiful and acts well too, the music is excellent, and you get to laugh a lot! And learn some very interesting things!