Diary of Dan

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Oopsie, another one...

Many a times my fingers end up typing something I've not actually planned... Not that they are dishonest... but they follow some other line of thought....

Anyways, does it even matter? I believe almost none of my readers (haha... the few ones... :) ) understand what I'm saying... I do not even want them to, do I? Those who can can choose to understand, or not. It's up to them. The way I refuse to realise and understand things they are free to withdraw untouched, undrenched...

What would I have done without you?
I would have loved someone else?
As long as I loved someone
Would it even matter?

I would have cared for someone else?
Been worried and scared for someone else?
I would have sung for someone else?
I would have lived for someone else?

But now that I love you,
I love just everyone else too!
And as long as I shall live,
I shall love too.. and love Love...?

Monday, December 18, 2006

Keep it lit and let it burn...

Hehe... posting at 6.35 am.... relax! I slept yday! just woke up early today and hence this post... at this time... :)
so what else....

The cake was brought
And the candle was lit
All started singing
He was made to sit

The cake was cut
And the candle was blown
They all wished him
A year older he'd grown

Then again the candle was lit
And it was made to burn
The past year should be forgotten
Towards the future one should turn

Memories were gathered
And aside they were flung
No pain now remained
Where once they stung...

Memories that didn't sting
Shall anyways last
Those should be the only things
To carry from your past...

Monday, December 04, 2006

I shall remember today forever...

I shall remember today forever...
When i became Yours completely,
Not after You'd accepted me,
(You'd always accepted me!?)
But after i'd set aside the me in me,
And given myself to You.
I'll still be myself
Just another version maybe.
I didn't have to really resolve, to dissolve!
Now when mine is Yours,
feels like i've found all the cures...

I shall remember today forever...
The moon smiled a bit more,
The birds peeped from their nests,
As you stood at my door...
Waiting to pour, Love on me,
Waiting to pour, You on me,
Waiting to pour, me on me...

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Sun day

Oonh keshari keshari,
Maazyaa sabhovati...
Kesharaacyhaa jaaNivene,
PaapaNyaa namati...