Diary of Dan

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mera number kab ayega?

You exist as a phone number for some,
You exist as a chat id for some,
You exist as a mail id for some.
You exist as an account number for some,
You exist as a credit card number for some.
Some remember the number on your car's number plate.
For some, your passport number is enough.
For some your salary figure suffices,
For some, your IP address.
For some, the carat value of your solitaire.
For some, rather than the moments captured in your camera,
its megapixel value is more important.
Birth dates, depite being numbers, are forgotten,
because the limited bandwidth gets utilised in checking exchange rates.
Life still continues, your breaths are numbered,
you might as well not mind this game,
just exist as another number, another name.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Resolution or solution? :)

So good so good
to collect the trash,
so light so light
when our worries we mash!

Trash bags n bins
ne'er helped anyone,
Shedding the non-issues
repair the damage done.

So shed it, shred it,
wash it down the drain,
keep it as free as possible!
Refrain from cluttering your brain!

Monday, August 11, 2008

random thought #2

My twin is back in India! He sounds the same from here :P As yeda as he is!
Happiest budday week Yedu! :)
For my blogger frnds, don't be mistaken, he's my twinner twin! :D

random thought #1

Some people grow out of things too fast because they don't let things stick to their skins, in the first place. They don't take things seriously or religiously. They don't want them. So it is but obvious that they will shed them and slither forward. Some people are clever enough to give the reason of being busy or being forgetful.
Only some people really outgrow some things in the real sense. And they inform others when they do so. Outgrowing is not a pretence for them.
The former kind of people are the ones who had pretended to have liked something. So they have no choice but to outgrow it.