Diary of Dan

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The sKidzophrenix!

Make way for our new blog :)
We hope to fill it with thoughts aplenty, leaving u excited n agog!

Umm.. ok... fine, :D I end this post :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Today's lessons

  • Apparently I have some granny aspects and some kiddy aspects :)
  • Forgiving is rewarding for self!
  • We are suddenly trying to find out magnetics manufacturers!
  • Saying bye bye though hard, has to be done throughout life.
  • I'll remind ppl abt bdays and I won't get reminders.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My mom's best!

My Mom's the best mom in the world and I'm proud of her.
No fun battling it out with someone who's not my equal...
I can but offer water to the horse.
I like my friends :)
I love originality, and the originals are in hiding.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Who's listening anyway

Sandeep Khare rocks!

Ironing more than 4 dresses at a time is tiring and quite unnecessary.

Bhootnath is next on my list. So are Tingya and Tujhya majhyat.

I cannot read more than a certain no. of pages at a time.

I can eat fast.

Little Women is nice, so was Emma. Game for other classics.

Shall I popularise the Baniya pj series? Who'll kill me first if I do?

How will I ever remember all the things I have to now do!

Why do I have to log off now :

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Holiday hungama

This is an account of the tekdi mini-excursion mentioned in the previous post:

We climbed the Tekdi from the MIT side - started around 6.15 - 6.30 am (met Shetty on the way - he was going to some undisclosed location).. I showed Kunal the very famous MIT campus (famous becoz the famous MITWECians studied there just a few yrs back.. :D ). Then we climbed up in the usual manner and went till the quarry.. There were quite a few people around, and quite a few dogs as well! Then we went towards the Pashan side but didn't climb down there - instead took a right hand road towards Chatuhshrungi (do you remember that chatuhshrungi temple in front of Garry-Parry's wedding venue 'Indraprastha' hall)..

This was a totally unknown path, hadn't been here before.. We saw some very strange birds that insisted on shrieking to their hearts' delight.. They scared me because they sounded like birds out of Alfred Hitchcock's movie 'BIRDS'. There were plenty of these birds (in flocks) all along the tekdi and they were really hypnotising kinds.. ok enough of the birds..

The path was mostly flat and horizontal till some time, till we came to a cliff edge - could see the university road and esquare etc from here... Then there was a sudden drop kinds. We climbed down with some difficulty and reached the Chatuhshrungi temple. There were some benches outside where we rested a bit and drank water. (Do you remember that dog under the bench :) ) Then we went inside the temple and then followed a mini debate on where to have breakfast.

Finally we started our return journey and traced our footsteps back to the quarry after a detour to a 'point' from where one could have the NCL road view. The birds were seen again and ignored. It was quite bright & hot now and there wasn't a human in sight. The tekdi is devoid of greenery now (summer) and we were beginning to feel tired. Finally we reached ARAI and sat down for some time. The guys were tired too. Then we dragged ourselves to the point where we began our descent. We had to be careful, the soil is such that one can slip. 10.30ish we reached the tekdi foothills and retraced our footsteps thru MIT (where we again made a halt). We had breakfast at hotel Namrata - the nimbu pani was too much. Then we parted ways at Pooja.

So that was it.. I went home, bathed, lunched and slept for 3 hrs... very tired.. but it was nice fun and I'd love to do it again.. If u ask about my fellow-trekkers, Pam enjoyed it too, Kau was his usual self : ) and Kunal kept calling out for snaps to be taken.

A very routine morning turned into an enjoyable one!

The other activities of the day were cricket by the 5*ians and gana-bajana by all at 5* in the evening.... I didn't participate in these, instead met my school friends in the evening. That was very nice too, more about that some other time.

Next holiday kab hai? :-)

Monday, May 05, 2008

Liebe Kitty,

A new week begins and it's the Monday morning quiet again. People from Mumbai are yet to arrive, all those who were verreist will also be in, a little late today.
I like this peaceful calm feeling when I'm not disturbed by others, by their cell phones ringing and laughing and shouting. There's no one scolding anyone.. not that you often hear that, but feels really tranquil with nothing coming in between me and my post!
Quite a few tasks lined up for today, some important for me.. So rather than writing about the European film festival right now I shall get back to work and write again maybe tomorrow...
P.S. I also want to write about the tekdi mini-excursion of 1st May..!