Diary of Dan

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Guests



Had their visits
last couple of weeks
Now ready to usher in

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

There's no escaping

I have a creative imagination..
Every time I try completing the story
in different ways.
But you chose a certain
drastic and real ending.
It was your choice.
Forced on me.
I trust your choice.
I try to kill the voice
of my imagination.
It keeps asking, what pride
in having never tried?

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Manager's spy

The Manager has a spy,
he has more than a ear, an eye
watching out for him,
gathering information...
Someone self-appointed,
seeking confirmation of his
Manager's imagined suspicions..
Someone who's taken it
upon himself, coz he's good at it.
Little does he know that
the Manager has an opinion
of such people, such spies,
he knows what to make of such guys.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Weird and the Saint

She was in all the herds
of the sensible nerds.
Though she was a l'il weird,
she frolicked like a cheerful bird!
Then one day she met a saint
who did not make her faint.
We all worried she might taint
him, that she might paint
him with her bright words.
Of all goodness he might be drained.
But they actually lived a life
happy and crazily quaint!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

27's young!

Dedicating this one to Virag, who started this topic of 'getting 30ish', and Billy Joel who set the good mood! :)

Thirty I am nearing,
and what am I fearing?
That my end's coming close?
That I'm no longer a blooming rose?
Hell, this is crap!
Just a mental trap!
I can still go a long long way!
Why, isn't this Nov younger than next May?
Of course I'll always be younger
than a tired withered me!!!
I'm not going to tie myself with age chains,
I'm going to keep myself free!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Random bits..

Tujh se naraz nahin zindagi
hairan hoon main....

tere masoom sawalon se
pareshan hoon main........

Naseeruddin Shah!

I want a Lakesidey translation for this!!!! Wonder where he is nowadays..... He has stopped posting...

Sunday, November 07, 2010


What kind of a world is this, where a bride washes her groom's feet as part of the marriage rituals?! What kind of a world is this, where these bride and groom are engineers and people with good functional brains!
What kind of a stupid am I, that someone I'd long been considering a good person, thinks there's nothing wrong in a bride washing her groom's feet - how did I ever come to be so so stupid!!!!!
I want to be proud of my friends!! I cannot..... Hope I'll at least be proud of myself!

Friday, November 05, 2010

I long for your song, is that wrong?

The first time ever
I heard you sing,
that sweet note had begun
to forever ring!
You sang for me
and for me alone,
that you were melodious,
you had shown.
Then I had to plead
for you to sing even one line,
you refused to yield,
to let me hear your voice so fine!
You held on to your silence
so resolutely,
the one time you broke into song,
I was delighted absolutely..!
Then you began singing
all kinds of silly songs,
you sang loud and strong
with trumpets and gongs!!
You were awkward,
it was new and exciting,
what I loved most was,
your songs, you were writing!
Then you got real,
the voice got a face,
the moment you sang,
my heart started to race...
Your earnestness was evident
in every single note,
on such true feelings,
I was bound to dote!
Then one fine day
you lost your voice,
even that could not
take away my joys.
You couldn't help,
you coudn't sing any more,
but I could still hear it,
your voice, your sound score.
You do still sing
as sweet as the first time,
I hear you as clear as then,
even when you just mime.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

November Enlightenment!

Maybe I'm growing up?
Maybe I'm throwing up
enlightened thoughts onto me?

Diary of 'Dan' that this is, most of the content here is bound to be about Dan!

So today I have a confessing observation to make! Just a little short of a revelation! I tend to classify people as good and bad. I know all people have good and bad both qualities. In spite of knowing this, I tend to overlook some of the bad qualities of the 'good' people, and then I expect them to behave like saints! Like total good people with zero tolerance for badness. 'Overlook' is important here, because I do know their bad points, but I am able to forget those easily! This all-good behaviour from the 'good' people becomes too unrealistic an expectation, and I then get this feeling of having no one to look up to - no one whose name I can chant, to get that feeling of strength, that feeling of all being right with the world! So when someone meets my saintly expectations and high stds I really admire that person huge-hugely!

Many of my wise friends including my mom have told me; why Life itself - the most forthright teacher, has shown me, that good people too have bad streaks and weaknesses. Also, the bad people just have some bad qualities, there's nothing like 'bad people' in fact! I seem to resist all amount of such 'education'! :( Too much inertia :(

What disappoints me about myself is my need to have someone 'alive' around me who fits the 'good', 'saint' bill! Why should I have this need at all!

I truly truly agree, that each soul is potentially divine! So everyone is capable of developing into that 'saint' person! So the best way to satisfy this 'someone good
around' need of mine is to make myself fit those shoes! Why rely on others!

Another thing - the 'detachment' bit.... I now realise, or so I think, there isn't any point in getting emotionally attached / involved in anyone. A certain person isn't any different than another... This can sound shocking and loaded with indifference. But the point is, no one is so fully good or so fully bad, that you should stick to and hold on to only that person, come what may. Or shun anyone, come what may. All are equally capable of developing the connections or bonds we desire. So it is worthwhile taking time to look at everyone around us, and not getting involved in anyone to the extent of letting them disappoint us. When there's no disappointment, the reason is - there's no attachment.

And that also reminds me - 'our right is to our duties, our karma, not to the fruits thereof'. So, detachment does not mean an excuse to stop giving our full efforts to our relationships and duties. Our 100% efforts in our actions and duties, with emotional detachment, is the manifestation of our divinity! And that is, per some wise people, the ultimate goal. One can just imagine what a huge set of such divine people can achieve - infinitely amplified good!!!

Coming back to the stage I am at, Life is too cute n sweet for any moping (or doping! :P ) or cursing people.

And, Life is all about 'Yes, and...'