Diary of Dan

Friday, November 21, 2008


Going back to the things you like gives such a nice feeling! Like re-reading one's favourite books, magazines, stories.. looking at old greeting cards, letters.... reading one's own old pencil-poetry, remembering jokes cracked some 10 yrs back.. Re-reading old blog posts by one's fav bloggers.. Listening to one's favourite songs that were long-forgotten and surfaced only now.. This gives such a high! When a friend from long ago calls up suddenly.. When one visits a city once again after a decade, say, and finds old familiar spots.. Or when one comes across an old poem by a fav poet..
They say music mein - when one hears the same frequency again, or a fraction / multiple of the same frequency, it gives a natural blissful feeling. Guessing that too is about revisits!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday morning showers

It's raining so much that it has become near zero visibility - all the christmas decorations getting wet.. the light strings wound on the fountain of wealth (reminding me of a transformer core) - will they still light up in the evening? The raindrops are hitting against the window pane. Lightning followed by thunder.. a morning at office wasn't so wet before - Pune office panes were opaque!

I can smell pakodas and ginger tea - and the promise of something good to happen! :)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Ended on a good note..

Had a hair cut, for the first time outside India :) Not much variation though, my hair doesn't not allow it. Indian stylists rock though! Big time!

Saw the movie Quantum of Solace at AMK Cathay.. I liked it.. typical bond with all the illogical action, but some crisp dialogues, esp those between bond's boss n bond. Judie Dench is goooood, i like her :) And of course I am among the few ones who like Daniel Craig - so i had to like it :P

Also did some kiddes shopping - bought gifts for a 3 yr old! Bought an elaborate drinking mug - with a mickey mouse swimming in water in the bottom part of the mug and a cutlery set comprising of 1 fork, 1 spoon, 1 pair of chopsticks - made of plastic - with a something to hold all these together. Cudn't manage any better - wanted to buy jigsaw puzzles or colouring books, but the shop had no stock. Anyways it was fun, the salesgirl did a nice job of gift-wrapping them!

Day ended nice :) My momsie called up... :)

Reality bytes? Reality bites!

A lazily started saturday morning.. A phone call wakes you up and thnks to it you are up and you get some of your tasks done. And then again you feel sleepish.. That your flatmates are sleeping too, doesn't help. You have no motivation to be up, alive and kicking.. You receive your friend's courier, the guy who delivers it just loves pressing the doorbell so much :) Then you drink hot milk with turmeric!!! And switch on the laptop.. Check a friend's blog and you are met with a not-so-pleasing photograph!!! Arrrgh!
You've got more tasks lined up.. Unpleasant.. You drop down on the bed.. And enter the sweet world of slumber! :) Ah, so easy..
Damn it I can't fall asleep like this!!!! The cursing and sulking starts, wow what a way to welcome a weekend! :-

Friday, November 07, 2008

Boum boum!

Songs by.. ..Enigma!
Orange on the screen
orange on my person
a verse just finished
the promise a weekend holds
a friend a screen away
chats unmuffled
Make my heart go
boum boum :)