Diary of Dan

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The surest path to 'happiness'

I know I'm risking sounding preachy, but this is more self-instruction than anything else....

Incidentally, or coincidentally, I looked up this word today - 'accessory'. It means something that is useful, but not essential / indispensable. A lot of things in life are accessories. Our only and relatively sure asset is 'self'.

And the key to Life is - 'self reliance'. We ourselves are 'the old reliable'. If you need help, remember that 'God helps those, who help themselves'...

And 'determination' is another key.
'Yeh housla kaise jhuke...'

We need to be strong. Only then can we lend others strength.

Perception of facts, is our choice. It is our choice to be happy.

Bowing down to peer pressure is weak and silly. You deserve to make your own choices.

And if you ever feel a dearth of friends, there can be no better friend than 'music'....

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Weekend laziness!

Hi ppl... Hi me, as in Hi Dan - Dan with the Diary... Wake up and write something - something worthwhile... Not so happy with myself.. have become lazy... Need to change, need to change... Looking fwd to the coming weekend - CNY! :) Chalo heading out now...