Diary of Dan

Monday, January 31, 2011

When is one stupid - before Cupid strikes, or after?

The air-con is now working at my place - rather still working since the repair guys left - so the non-humid environs, and the english lyrics I've been listening to of late, have made me pen down these stupid lines..... Would really like some guitar weilder to sing them in an accent that can barely let anyone catch these words..... and a superb tune that overrides these words!

I know it is stupid!
I ain't any 'Cupid'!

However hard I wish,
I cannot make the world,
you, dance to my tune!
But however hard I try,
I cannot make myself,
to you, immune!!!

I know it is stupid -
But without you life is
this desert hot and arid!
I wish I'd be helped by Cupid!

Today especially I wish
that you'd make that call
to tell me you've been stupid,
stupid all along,
your life too has been
so terribly insipid!

We're both so very stupid -
keeping the box shut tight,
when instead we can lift the lid!
How much I need you, Cupid!!

I know it is stupid -
I can only be helped by Cupid!
Only he can open your heart,
with his love shots rapid!!!

How I wait for you,
with your lovely voice
sing me this crappy song!
How I wait for you,
to get up and sound
the togetherness gong!

Wish I could trick Cupid
into playing this game for me,
Losing here, realise I did,
also means winning, you stupid!

I also know it is stupid -
Just 'waiting' for Cupid!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Air-con isn't working at my place... which is why I decided to spend most of the day in the library... but owing to waking up late (meaning past noon) (because of having slept late meaning nearing dawn the previous night), and then watching this movie on TV - Take the Lead... (Antonio Banderas) - I left lateish, arnd 4.30 - armed with my camera....
I had plans of heading to the Library @ Esplanade to rent some DVDs, and instead of alighting at the Esplanade stn - got out at Promenade, thinking I'd walk along Raffles Avenue to the Esplanade. There the Singapore Flyer caught my eye - and I headed in its direction to take pics!!! Spent quite a bit of time exploring the flyer grounds, the marina barrage waters next to it.... Enjoyed it - I like such impromptu sight-seeing.... Snacked a little there....
Then I headed towards Esplanade via the YOG garden... but the Helix Bridge caught my eye, and off I set towards the Marina Bay Sands, clicking away to glory.... Inside they have this skating rink with disco lights n all... looks v v nice n festive.... Explored the Sands shopping area too, quite a feast to the eyes.... all big brands that my pocket cannot patronise.... Finally bought earrings at Madame Butterfly and pulled myself away...
Got onto 133 and got off at the Esplanade, went to the library, had problems unlocking the discs, then came to Soup Spoon at the Raffles shopping centre..... Wrote this journal entry, of course had my usual soup etc, and will now head home for whatever I can catch of the French film on TV...... Back to my aircon-less place....! :(
Btw it rained the whole day today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I hate your silence!

Wow - I love this silence!
No anticipation, no suspense....

No reaction whatsoever,
no comments dull or clever…

Silence is golden, sweet,
no need to even repeat

whatever I've said, chatted,
emailed, whatever I've stated…

You may have understood it, or not,
I do not need to give any more thought...

Of course this is humiliation -
I'm ignored, leave aside admiration!

Well, maybe you aren't ignoring me -
a plain case of apathy, this could be...

Or maybe you want to evoke my sarcasm,
or push me into this boring, silent chasm..!

I really don't like this silence!
Please respond, if only once!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Attending Dev planning from Sgp!

Blah blah blah blah..
You go on and on, on and on,
Rambling is in your blood,
Let's move ahead, c'mon!

How much will you deliberate,
ruminate on the requirements!
Your unending qs, clarifications..
Hurry up, you gents!!!

(Sorry, but) your master
is your partner in crime,
many a times, he too
loses track of time!

I try to amuse myself
by writing such rhymes,
if it isn't entertaining enough,
blame it on these boring times!

- A frustrated Dhanesha bored with the never ending discussion during 'planning' today!

Friday, January 21, 2011


I miss you Ajoba....
I miss having you as mine, alive...
I miss singing with you...
I miss singing to you....
I miss holding your hand...
I remember how your palm felt, as if we held hands just now...
I realise how good you were in a lot of things...
How brave, how sensible, how very sound.
I appreciate you, I understand you better...
Wish we could have shared more times together...
I'm glad you were part of my life, you still are, my first pal!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Past

I have just 1 photograph
as evidence of those times,
that it all really happened....
How can 1 frame capture
1000 sweet moments?
Will I ever meet you
even 5 more times?
Even if I do, will it mean
any moments as sweet as those?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

True for the whole year - 2011!

My mother Mamata's written this one -

As we enter the year Two thousand eleven,
God blesses us from heaven !!

I happen to hear what He says,
For all the months, weeks and days...

"Our week would start with a Merry Monday,
followed by a not Trying or Tiring Tuesday...
We could welcome Wonderful Wednesday,
and enjoy a Thrilling Thursday...
Finally would come a Favourite Friday,
followed by a Sweet Saturday,
and a much Satisfying Sunday!!!"

To Him, let's lend our ear without fear,
He says, 'all this'd be true for the whole year!!!'

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Punny funny today

What do 'single' developers forget to do?

It actually happened at work today :-) !

Another pun - given the current Brisbane floods -

Thursday, January 06, 2011


Wrote this yesterday when JIRA was down at work...

I miss you JIRA!
When u are dead, JIRA,
my wings are clipped,
my eyelids are shut,
my nostrils are plugged too...
It is like groping in the dark,
I dare not step elsewhere,
I can only stand where I am,
and hope for you to come back to life!
Please breathe
if only a little at a time,
enough for me to go about my work..
In India jira is cumin
essential for cooking..
You, JIRA, you are similarly essential..
Why, even more so!
Your absence makes me blind!
Didn't I already tell you that?
Darn you! How do I log a defect
and justify my work!
I miss you JIRA!
When will you return to life JIRA!