Diary of Dan

Friday, May 05, 2006

My Poet Friends

2 friends of mine are very nice poets..... I want their poems to adorn my blog!

Mr. Shetty (mentioned in an earlier post):

Do u see in me,
What I want you to see,
Or do you see in me,
What you want you ,to see?

What you see in me,
Is not what I am,
What you see in me,
Is a mere you in me.

So what is it then, you find in me,
For which you look and don’t find in me,
So the truth you see is simply,
You won’t find in me, what I don’t have in me!

Mr. Abinav (In reply to a poem of mine):
Why ask the butterflies,
Don’t u know urself why?!

That you mite not get to play the game u want
That even life has a reason to shy…

Rules are set, players are ready …
U see urself right amongst them…

Participation is but natural…
Winning is ur right!

Nectar has to be sucked out …
And winning is no differ’

Winning n nectar both are as sweet,
But the bees even the buterflies suffer!

As subtle as they seem,
B’fly don’t die by a bee sting…

No one's lived the future before..
So why not give it a fling!!!