Diary of Dan

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Books are like friends! Re-reading a book feels like meeting a long-lost friend!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Came to office reading Neruda!!!!!! And listening to Bach! (Bach courtesy Kewl :) ) 'Management' aspirants must have read him, his passages - for reading comprehension! Pablo Neruda.. A Chilean man, into politics.. and - poetry - interesting! (Reminds you of Atal B V?) Pleasantly surprised, I chanced upon books of his poetry yday in the Sgp lib.. Deceptively slim n modest volumes of simple looking poetry.. The poems don't look soooo basic.
So.. This one's called 'Stones of the Sky' - btw I'm reading the translated version.. Guess the original is Spanish.. Translated by some James Nolan.. Umm, the poems reminded me of Rabindranath's Geetanjali - waise I also found Rabindranath's books also in the lib yday..
So.. The central theme of these 30 poems is that - we are all stone, and we are made from stone (matter - particles..), and finally we will dissolve into stone.. (and our heads are filled with stones :P - ok he doesn’t say this :) ) So - stones are our ancestors, and inheritors both.. Stones have life - they undergo transformations.. Etc etc! Different elements are 'captured' in stone.. I found this interesting.. Could the Hindu practice of worshipping stones be attributed to similar thoughts? *wonders*
Anyways.. Pablo Neruda and his complexity remained etched in my mind - and the mysteriousness I associated with Neruda readers was also maintained.. Now I myself seem fated - to become a Neruda reader by choice :P

Monday, April 20, 2009


I love being from my school, even more now.. :-)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Can creations drown in self-pity?

I make paper boats
of my poetry book paper.
That it's filled with my poems,

Who would anyways
read these poems -
collections of
impulsive words?

Whom will these
paper boats carry?
In any case
it's all fantasy!

These boats will face
the real test,
when I'll fill 'em with water
so that they'd drown...

Who would anyways
read these poems -
collections of
impulsive words?

I don't see them coals anyways!

The coals
don't burn any more
the bottomless holes
wiped out long before

who's kidding whom
for doubt,
let's conveniently
leave room..

sharp outlines
don't suit all eyes
help the disguise..

only when disguises
evolve into reality
turns into amity..

Friday, April 03, 2009

Mere humsafar

mere humsafar mere humsafar
chal chal chalein hum two-gether
humein saath chalna hai umr bhar
saath karna hai humko suffer,
humko suffer....
mere humsafar mere humsafar,
mere humsafar mere humsafar..

har subah dekhoon teri soorat,
kholoon neend teri, duffer!
uuth, kood le hum donon bhi
is zindagi naam ke gutter,
mere humsafar!

let's take care of each other..
jab bhi aye koi buri khabar,
main hoon tumhe samhalne,
tu kar na pyare koi phikr..
mere humsafar!

buss tera saath mile agar
nothing would ever make me suffer,
mere humsafar!