Diary of Dan

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No fun sans company

Meager resolutions
Shall not suffice
Adapt to the vile
And then rejoice
Bother about others
And life intertwines
Live as you want
And let the rest adapt

I am one of those naives,
I want intertwined lives.

Else I would have stayed alone,
Far away in shrub n stone.
Whr no man wud've bothered abt me,
And no one wud've bothered me.

I wud've then lived as I chose,
And wud ne'er have been morose.
I wud've breathed free everyday,
I wud've been happy n gay!

But I do not want that.
What use is life if I can't chitchat?
What use is life if I cannot hold hands?
What fun if, of me, no one demands?

What fun if I laugh alone?
For me that is as good as a groan.
What fun if I can't tell anyone my dream?
I might as well just scathe n scream!

Thanks to some Eve n Adam,
We've plenty of the species 'Human'.
I would rather turn this into an opportunity,
And let them spread cheer n amity.

I'm sure you wud agree,
Musical notes create heaven,
dear musical friend o' mine,
only when they intertwine!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gasp gasp....

I wish this heap of QCs would evaporate and I'd get some time to breathe.. But then this is fun, tho' last day is not fun, for sure. Wish this was penultimate day, all wishes to not turn true. Ok, so this was just to note that I am alive and kicking, at the list of QCs, apart from my kicking and snapping at my friend.

Tschüss bis bald...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


It's party time again!
Have the happiest and sweetest
birthday tomorrow,
Sudhsie! >:D<