Diary of Dan

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Ye re ye re ye re asaa,
Bais bais bais re,
Pasarooni haat paay,
Masta aispais re...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


This is a true story... Somebody I can believe told me:

"My friend's son's wife has a younger sister, a step-mother and a father. This father got his daughters a step-mother, let her behave badly with them, made them leave his house, bought them a flat in Pune and made them (the two of them) move into that flat, himself shifted to Belgaum with the step-mom. Can you believe this?! A father doing that to his own daughters!"

I smiled and said, "Oh!" :)

Do you find it difficult to believe? :)

[OK, I've already heard how good it is to forgive and how everyone is not like that.... I have met men who are not like that...]

On a different note...

Dolnaari gavat paati,
Haat haati,
Atoot naati,
Paani ani maati...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Giving up...

My mother always warned me... 'Giving up is very easy! But never give up!' By that, she meant, never should one give up one's aspirations, ambitions, aims in life. One should never quit...
Just because something was difficult... One should pursue and persevere... Ultimately it will be

Now I've realised, and no big deal about that... that this approach is only applicable to certain
things - like 'goals in life' (let's settle for that term for now). Giving up 'some' things in
life is not at all easy. Sometimes so difficult, to the point of being able to believe it to be
impossible. Like you can give up your past only to a certain extent; you cannot give up people /
relationships who mean so much to you; you cannot give up certain habits of yours... (I agree,
this point is debatable :) ). You cannot give up certain dreams. Although you know that it's not
going to materialise, your heart refuses to give up. Give up what? Give up believing,
make-believing, hoping...

On another note, because this world is nothing but some illusions and more, giving up such things becomes all the more difficult. One can keep on living in a world of illusions, thus making
'giving up' not at all urgent. And once you get used to not giving up, it becomes all the more
difficult to give up in the future.

Now why should one give up at all? For the very basic and simple reason: To make one's and
others' lives simple. To get rid of complexity. If not self, at least to spare others a lot of
unnecessary trouble.

Hey I just realised why giving up is so difficult! How can we ignore gravity! :) Giving down
would have been easy, but not giving 'up'! :P

Ok, why am I writing all this on a public blog? Because I do not believe in hiding things? Or
because I actively advocate exchange of ideas? Hah! Dunno... Again debatable.

Anyways I believe, upto some limit, anything and everything is possible, if you want it to be...
And should be possible too, for overall happiness around you. So giving up will also be... :)

Try is all I can,
and so, surely will, Dan... :)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Some recycling that helped create another rhyme...

Time! Let thy healing hand
move across my cheek
and turn my frown into a smile!
After all... it's been a long while...
I actually love your style,
of getting rid of this pile of sorrows...
After all today's sorrow
won't stay tomorrow...

Ok, hiiiiiiiii all my lovely ppl roaming this blogworld! Yes, you are mine, and will remain mine forever...! :) Whether you like it or not! Danny offers you no choice! Ok, I'm in a really tolerant mood today, as you have gathered. :P

So, because you've been saying I should post about my Ganapatipule trip, and I think it would be rather not so interesting just because it wasn't much eventful, apart from some tough decisions I made (that are going to be tough to live with, but me having no choice anyways..); Ok me digressing.... Hmm..... so I thought rather than write something like I-went-here-and-I saw-this-deer I'll just pen down some of my thoughts (that are contained between two 'aur-kyas') :P

Hence this post. And that mini verse from a blog comment of mine.

Ok.. I said you ppl are mine.... What do u mean when u say u r mine?

You are mine,
Out of ten, only nine...
Not that I shall whine
because of this...
That elusive One,
is part of your charm,
That makes me want to disarm
you, and trap it,
and understand you better.
But if you were mine completely,
Life would be easy,
So easy as to make me feel queasy...
And the chase for that One,
Would be there no more,
Not every door,
need be left ajar,
some things are better appreciated
from afar....
Hence, be mine,
Out of ten, only nine,
I ask for no more,
O Mother Divine!

oops... cannot help but rhyme.... please excuse the far-fetchedness :))